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WLAPOM Hacks For Under 3’s

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

We asked WLAPOM members to bring their best parenting hacks to the April Parents Chat N’ Sip. Amongst a lot of laughter, these were the insights they shared:

Snack Hacks:

  • Save time and effort with: freeze-dried blueberries, sweet potato fries, roasted cauliflower, avocado toast, banana popsicles, tortillas and hummus, steamed pear, turkey meatballs, cheese slices, cauliflower mash, Bamba (peanut puffs).

  • Remember that kids can fill up on snacks! If they’re not interested at mealtimes; they might simply not be hungry.

Don’t worry about:

  • Using reigns whilst travelling or being in public, if it makes you feel better.

  • Using your own playard at the park, if it makes life easier.

  • Only serving cold food (all the time!). It’s WAY easier.

  • Bathing the kids only every few days (or even once a week).

  • Your kids being malnourished if they miss a meal. They won’t be.

  • Screen time. Use your own best judgement and don’t worry about it.

Don’t forget to:

Try these food related ideas:

  • Join online groups that share easy meal ideas; e.g. Trader Joes has one.

  • Don’t give up on certain foods because they’re not interested in them. A little persistence will eventually pay off (and they may end up liking it!).

  • Use meal prep containers and pre-portion freezer/fridge meals to save time.

  • When transitioning away from warm milk, slowly reduce the temperature until you’re finally at fridge temp; then no more bottle warming needed.

Try these easy recipes:

Try these products:

Try these tricks:

  • Do bath time on alternate nights, so you don’t have to do double bathing each night.

  • When sitting upright in the bath for the first time; try your laundry basket for support.

  • If your partner can help, try washing your babies whilst you’re showing yourself. A partner can hand the babies in/out and cover the drying, while you do the washing.

  • Keep a cupboard of their ‘art’ with the last week of work stored visibly on top (anything older they usually forget about). You can then quietly keep, or trash, the older work.

  • If you and your partner need a break, discuss taking turns going away for the weekend, or even for just a few hours (i.e. to get some alone time).

  • Keep toys in sight when using them as part of discipline. e.g. Up on a high shelf, so you can remind your child why it’s up there (e.g. “because you hit your sister”).

  • Take crayons/notebooks to restaurants, and order ahead to avoid waiting at the table.

  • Use a countdown to get your kids to hurry up. E.g. “Let’s do that in ten seconds!”

  • Let them play independently (i.e. don’t always play with them).

  • Avoid interrupting their playtime - as they are practicing paying attention. Wait for them to come to you instead.


Can you think of more? Please post them to the comments section below!

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