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Junior Stars: Volunteering With WLAPOM

Updated: May 5, 2022

Pic: Zola, Eloise, Noomi and Jonsi Cuculich running the craft table at the Spring Picnic 2022.

If your kids (or you!) are looking to gain credits for volunteer work then we encourage you to contact WLAPOM and get involved in the club.

Volunteering is an excellent way to feel connected to the community and provides a sense of accomplishment and recognition for people of all ages.

We have the following positions available for "Junior Stars" volunteers (under parent supervision) at WLAPOM. Please contact to apply for a position!

Plus, don't forget you can discover the opportunities for older WLAPOM volunteers (18+) here:

Junior Star: Yard Sale Donations Collector

When we host a yard sale, each seller donates 10% of their sales on the day to WLAPOM. Your role is to attend the event and make sure each vendor donates their 10% to the club.

Skills: Trustworthy. Happy to speak with grown ups.

Junior Star: Beach Day Games Wrangler

At our annual beach day at the Annenberg Beach House we're often in need of fun beach games for kids. Your role is to plan and arrange games for kids of all ages.

Skills: Energetic. Good at inventing games!

Junior Star: Special Guest Writer For The WLAPOM Blog

Our blog welcomes new writers and all topics related to WLAPOM families. Your role is to create a multiples related short article/story - which we'll feature in the next newsletter.

Skills: Writing. Imagination.

Junior Star: Special Events Reporter

Our events truly are special! Your role is to attend and write a commentary of our upcoming WLAPOM events. This would include collecting quotes from members, and providing your opinions.

Skills: Writing. Snooping.

Junior Star: Photo Journalist

Your role is to attend and create fun photos of WLAPOM events for our Instagram feed. Perfect for building up photo credits!

Skills: Visual storyteller.

Junior Star: Story Teller

For 2nd/3rd Graders and up. Your role is to attend upcoming WLAPOM events and read (age appropriate) stories to our younger members. Either from a book or from your imagination!

Skills: Reading aloud.

** Please note this page will be updated with new positions throughout the year. **

We look forward to hearing from you!!


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