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Who Are The WLAPOM Fairy Godmothers?

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

In a nutshell; the "Fairy Godmothers" subgroup is a hand-me-down chain. At one time the current chain was nine families strong; each with boy/girl twins spaced a year apart.

It started when one family simply decided to start gifting their gently used items to another. Receiving a package of clothes, toys and donations was like having a Fairy Godmother (or Godfather) leaving magical items on your doorstep - and so the tradition began….

The original chain is dwindling - but that means there are opportunities for new families to join and for new chains to begin! With enough matching participants, we can create any combination too (boy/boy, girl/girl, boy/boy/boy, etc).

What Are The Benefits?

Being part of a chain of families means you have access to a range of different ages and stages with the same multiples as you. Having the ability to talk to a mom or dad a year or two ahead can prove to be a great support in areas where you might need advice - such as potty training or discipline (it’s also a great excuse to get together for a night out!).

“I've loved that I never feel alone, I always have another twins mom I can ask for advice..”

(Drea Bailey, Fairy Godmother).

What Does It Involve?

Just like any chain, the individual strength of each link is important. It involves some work (sorting/folding/delivering) - but you’ll never have to donate your baby/toddler/kids items anywhere else, and if you’re on the receiving end of things - you’ll be saving hundreds of dollars every year on kids clothing and essential items.

All gently used clothes, shoes, toys, books (and more!) can be passed down to the next family in line. You can also add in larger items if the next family is willing to take them.

  • If you’re at the top of the line, you’re only handing on items.

  • In the middle, you’re receiving and also handing on items.

  • At the bottom, you may have a build up of ‘stuff’ until another family joins.

This is not meant to be a giant burden though - so any surplus can be donated to lighten the load; but the general idea is that this chain provides each family with a convenient way of handing along their baby/toddler/kid items. We’ll also try and match you to a family who lives close by, so you don’t have far to travel.

If your group is willing to do it; you can also offer an annual gift voucher to the family at the top of your chain - as they’re the only ones who aren’t receiving any items themselves (and saving all those $$ in purchases).

What Are The Rules?

  • Kindness. Goodness. Fairy Godliness (and some patience and flexibility helps).

  • Deliver items in the way you’d like to receive them (clean, paired, not too worn/broken).

  • Don’t sell any items you receive; this is a donation line and not for profit.

  • Before you join, discuss all aspects with an existing Fairy to make sure you know what you’re getting into.

Can I put my name on the list?

We can add you to the waiting list no matter what combination of kids you have. As soon as a pattern emerges we can create a chain for you and at least two other families. The important thing is to join here:

If there’s a suitable match, you will be contacted!


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