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Kindergarten with LAUSD

In our September Chat & Sip, we invited WLAPOM member Anton (Rico Lah) to share his experiences with navigating Kindergarten placements through the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Here's what he said (in a nutshell):

NB. "Hacking LAUSD" (original PPT & PDF) by Rico Lah can be downloaded directly here:

1. Look up your local school and decide if you like it (or not).

If you're not happy with the school within your resident boundary; you have the option to apply for other schools within LAUSD:

  • Make an inventory of all public/private/charter elementary schools near you.

  • Use Google Maps to decide realistically which ones you'd drive to.

  • Remove schools which are not linked to LAUSD.

  • Cross check the list you have with

  • Tour and apply to ALL of the schools on your list.

2. Understand the types of LAUSD Schools:

  • Public schools (LAUSD)

  • Independent Charter Schools (LAUSD)

  • Affiliated Charter Schools (LAUSD)

  • Dual Language Schools (LAUSD)

  • School for Advanced Studies or ‘SAS’ (LAUSD)

  • Magnet Schools (LAUSD)

3, Understand the deadlines:

  • Open Houses (tours) are September to November for the next school year; miss it and it’s gone! There is no centralized website.

  • For Independent Charters, applications start in October through February. There is no centralized website!

4. General tips:

  • Building a spreadsheet is really helpful (see Antons magic spreadsheet on link below).

  • Advocate for your kids, nobody else will.

  • Fight hard. Don’t take NO for an answer.

  • If the local school says NO, find ways to escalate up to the District.

  • Don't forget that places can pop up at the last minute.

  • Don't panic.

Useful websites:

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