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Halloween 2020

As parents of multiples, we’re not short on company - and we know what it’s like to feel like there’s a constant kids party going on. So why not celebrate that this Halloween?

With a little creativity and invention, we can keep to ourselves and still produce a truly different and memorable Quarantine-O-Ween..

Here are the best ideas we’ve found online for this truly unique season:

1. Go BIG On Decorating

You know the drill, just go BIGGER this year - and get the kids involved too. Halloween 2020 is a Saturday - so there’s plenty of time to carve fresh pumpkins on the day and create last-minute crafts/decorations (spooky themed foods, paper bats on the walls, spiders webs, etc....). 

2. Find Alternative Ways To Give Out Treats

Instead of putting out grab bowls, try individually bagging treats and leaving them on a table on your driveway for children to take as they walk by. You can wave from the porch, replenish between visits and keep a safe distance. You can also dangle treats from your fence, or from trees, as a fun alternative. 

3. Keep It Indoors

Why not transform the traditional egg hunt into a Halloween Hunt? Fill bags of candy and hide them around the house - or create a scavenger hunt in the yard. Use every door in the house to take turns playing trick-or-treat, or create a spooky Pinata and play party games. You could even channel your inner Mad Scientist and create your own “slime” and do “experiments”. If you can wait until after dark, you can search for the candy with flashlights, or use glow sticks to illuminate the hidden treat bags..

4. Movie Night

If your kids are old enough, maybe schedule time to introduce them to a Halloween classic (age appropriate of course!). Here are a few good PG ideas: 

5. Booing

This is a popular concept for this year - and could fill up a decent chunk of time with prep and delivery included. It’s like a random act of kindness for Halloween. You wrap up a (nice) Halloween treat, drop it at a neighbor or friend’s door, ring the bell and run away. The idea is to spread some holiday cheer (just make sure you tell them who it’s from!). 

6. ‘Drive-Thru’ Events

Tickets may sell out, and prices may seem steep, but this is a solid option if a drive through experience might suit your family. These options are ‘family friendly’ but please still be careful with checking the appropriateness for your family:  

Woodland Hills: $70 per vehicle (family friendly)

Calabasas: $69 per vehicle (family friendly)

7. Celebrate The Fall Harvest

Check out the Fall Harvest Festival at Underwood Farms - which is spread over the farms 40 acres. It begins October 1st and boasts a giant pumpkin patch, hay rides, pick-your-own fields, etc (masks and distancing are required...) More details here.

There will also be a full Blue Hunters Moon on October 31st, so encourage your family to look for it, and learn a little too...

Whatever you decide to do this Halloween - we hope you have a GREAT time together.

Stay safe! 



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