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Expectant Parents Meeting

For many members of WLAPOM this monthly informational meeting, warmly led by Jill Rosenberg & Shirley Kahen, is the meeting to attend prior to the arrival of your multiples. 

It allows you and your family to meet other expectant families, and be guided sensitively through the basics of what to expect during this exciting and often challenging time. 

The meeting flows with your questions, and covers a broad range of topics including schedules, essential equipment, sleep (both yours and the babies), nursing/feeding, pediatricians, types of help you'll need and so much more. You’ll also hear ‘pro tips’ from other members attending - and can expect a considerate and positive range of opinions on all subjects.

The Expectant Parent group is a wonderful introduction to WLAPOM and is for anyone expecting multiples. Membership is not required prior to the meeting (members and non-members are welcome). It’s always free - and you can attend more than once.

Moms, dads, significant others/partners, single parents, adopting parents, surrogate parents - all are welcome!

Jill has been a member of WLAPOM since the birth of her (now 16yrs old) fraternal twin boys, and is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW). She is proud and passionate about being a twin Mom and has previously been President of the club. She holds a wealth of knowledge about twin parenting and is keen to nourish, educate and support the growing WLAPOM community.

Shirley is a proud mother of four, and has been a member of WLAPOM since the birth of her twin girls (now age 11). She is also a licenced clinical social worker (LCSW) and is deeply passionate and knowledgeable about how to help families to prepare for multiples. Like Jill, she is a great role model and guide for those final months leading up to birth, and beyond...

Please note that Jill & Shirley rotate leadership of the meeting each month.

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